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Hospitals exist to help people with injuries and illnesses.  However, the reality is that going to a hospital comes with certain health risks as well.  In most cases, doctors and nurses do have the patient’s best interest in mind, but that doesn’t always prevent costly mistakes from slipping through the cracks.  Sometimes, certain mistakes may be considered to be medical malpractice.  Nursing fatigue in particular can be a major factor contributing to mistakes and errors that can lead to medical malpractice claims in Buffalo NY and all across the country.

Nursing is a nonstop profession and caregivers are often so dedicated to their work that they put aside their own health and well-being.  With nursing being a true 24 hour a day profession there is a high demand for workers. Unfortunately, in many hospitals there can be an insufficient supply of nurses able to cover all the shifts.  This results in nurses picking up extra shifts and working longer hours than are considered healthy.  Nurses experiencing high levels of fatigue can become more prone to making mistakes that turn into medical malpractice claims.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all nursing mistakes wind up as serious issues.  Having an experienced medical malpractice attorney on your side is essential to investigate the situation.  Mistakes from nursing fatigue might be nothing more than late delivery on meds but can also have more serious, life altering ramifications.  

You may recall hearing about an infamous case back in 2007 from St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, WI.  An obstetrics nurse mistakenly gave the wrong meds to a pregnant woman the day after working a double shift.  The mother passed away from cardiac arrest as a result. Thankfully her baby lived. The nurse was charged, lost her job and had her license suspended for 9 months due to a simple error, likely stemming from fatigue.

Stories like this are sobering and help remind us how serious medical malpractice cases can be.


If you think you may have suffered from medical malpractice due to nursing fatigue or other circumstances, call Fitzgerald & Roller to talk an attorney today.  We’re a team of experienced medical malpractice lawyers and have successfully handled many medical malpractice claims in Buffalo NY. Don’t hesitate to call and talk to an attorney you can trust.

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