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There’s no denying that doctors take on a huge responsibility when they treat a patient.  They have to look at the symptoms, run tests and draw conclusions on what the illness is and how to treat it.  This process is known as diagnostics and in most cases needs to be done swiftly as well as accurately. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors misinterpret the data and get the call wrong which can lead to greater issues and possibly even death.

When this happens and patients suffer irreversible damage due to a misdiagnosis, they may be entitled to compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit.  Though qualifying for a medical negligence claim due to misdiagnosis isn’t commonplace, it might happen more than you think.  At the very least, it’s important for patients to understand their options should this situation arise. To further stress this point we wanted to share a few sobering statistics about medical misdiagnosis leading to malpractice claims.

Over 12 million Americans experience diagnostic errors each year

Between 40 and 80 thousand deaths occur each year due to misdiagnosis

One third of malpractice cases leading to death or permanent disability come from misdiagnosis

This study confirms that diagnostic errors remain the most common, most catastrophic and most costly of serious medical errors in closed malpractice claims”

These three key facts were taken from a recent study measuring the impact that misdiagnosis has on medical malpractice claims.  Though this might not be encouraging news, it doesn’t mean you need to have the number of your malpractice lawyers in Buffalo NY on speed dial before every hospital visit.  The good news is that the most common areas for misdiagnosis have been identified and targeted for improvement.

“If we’re going to reduce serious harms from medical errors, major strides must be made to improve diagnostic accuracy and timeliness.”

If you or someone you love has suffered a setback due to a medical misdiagnosis you are entitled to take action.  When working through cases like these it’s important to be represented by experienced malpractice lawyers. You need a team that knows how to navigate through all the critical information specific to your case.

Fitzgerald and Roller P.C. is a pair of medical negligence lawyers located in Buffalo NY.  Over the years we’ve handled many cases dealing with misdiagnosis leading to malpractice compensation.  If you think you have a case, contact our office today for an expert legal opinion.

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