Buffalo Nursing Home Under Scrutiny for Nursing Home Negligence

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Every so often a story comes across that really rubs you the wrong way. Unfortunately this story comes right out of a Buffalo NY nursing home. Just last week, the Emerald South nursing home in South Buffalo was the site of a horrible story of nursing home negligence. An 87 year old man, seemingly so unhappy with the poor conditions and care inside Emerald South, attempted to escape through a 3rd floor window using a rope made of clothing and bed sheets. He fell approximately 34 feet down to the ground below his room. The device used to keep windows only open to 7″ was not found in his room. 

He would die on the way to the hospital.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has issued the county’s senior commissioner to open an immediate investigation into the man’s death, and find out if Emerald South violated Ruthie’s Law, or any other laws. You may be wondering, What’s Ruthie’s Law? Emerald South should know, as they are essentially the conduit for why the Law was created just last July.

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Ruthie’s Law is named in memory of Ruth Murray, an 83 year old woman who died in August of 2016 after being attacked by a male patient at Emerald South. This was the same site as last week’s incident. Poloncarz signed Ruthie’s Law which requires nursing homes to notify family members within 2 hours following a resident injury that requires hospital treatment.

Last March, 7 Eyewitness News did a deeper investigation into Emerald South, and they spoke to Barbara Kent, a resident at the facility. She had this to say.

“It’s really bad here. Don’t ever put your loved on in here, ever.”

Many believe that Emerald South Nursing & Rehabilitation should be closed, based on the number of violations, conditions, now 2 violent deaths, along with low staff to resident ratios. This was a very hot topic June 28, when health care workers from union 1199SEIU held a rally for quality care at all Buffalo nursing homes. Many current and former nursing and CNA staff were present, stating their desire for the best care for the patients they’ve developed a relationship with.

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Many of the staff exclaimed the deep frustration with lack of staff, lack of equipment for proper care, shifts up to 24 hours in length, and even paychecks bouncing on payday, or not coming at all for up to six weeks. The union’s Vice President says the problem lies with For-Profit nursing homes in WNY being managed by those who aren’t even in the area. The Union wrote a letter to the NYS DOH demanding action to improve nursing home conditions in Buffalo.

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This story is a scary reminder of ensuring your elderly loved ones are receiving the best care possible within any assisted living facility. Nursing home negligence is a very serious issue, and clearly local unions are cracking down on the DOH for being negligent in their overwatch of local Buffalo nursing homes. We are seasoned in taking on nursing home negligence cases, and can work to provide justice if you or a loved one have been injured or not cared for properly within a WNY nursing home.

If you suspect negligence or improper care, please give us a call as soon as possible to talk to an attorney today.

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