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A medical negligence case is when a doctor, nurse, or other health professional deliver harmful or improper medical care to a patient. There are many factors that come into the fray when talking about medical negligence. It is always best to contact a professional medical negligence attorney in Western New York to find out what to do first. There are some examples however of medical negligence that you will see from time to time, that could be considered somewhat “common.” These are 5 examples of common medical negligence.

Incorrect Medication

When a patient is prescribed the wrong drug for their illness, receive’s another patient’s meds, or receives the incorrect dosage. Incorrect medication administration or prescription can be a reason to contact a medical negligence attorney. Incorrect dosages or medication types are unacceptable and if you have been a victim of such, it is worth contacting a medical negligence lawyer for more information. 


Many medical negligence cases revolve around ideas of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. Obviously if an illness is misdiagnosed this can lead to a multitude of issues for the patient. The existing illness, or correct one, could wreak havoc on the patient’s body and cause further issues. Misdiagnosing a patient can be grounds for a medical negligence case, so you should contact an attorney if you feel you were misdiagnosed. 

Surgical Mistake or Error

There can certainly be a case for medical negligence when looking at a surgeon making an error on the operating table. You deserve justice if you have been the victim of surgical negligence. An error could happen during the operation itself, such as leaving a tool or object in the body, accidentally puncturing a surrounding organ or a negligent post-operation. Infection due to post-op negligence can also be a reason to call a medical negligence lawyer. 

Childbirth or Prenatal Care

The miracle of childbirth is beautiful, but it can also be very dangerous for the child and mother. Many times medical negligence cases involve prenatal care or childbirth. Fatal injuries can occur due to error during the very fragile process. Negligent prenatal care can cause damage for the fetus and the mother. If you are concerned about the way your pregnancy was treated by a local Buffalo medical facility, don’t hesitate to reach out to a medical negligence attorney.

Anesthesia Administration

Errors made involving anesthesia administration are very serious. Anesthesiologists have the heavy responsibility of ensuring anyone on their watch receives ONLY the proper amount of anesthesia. Mistakes can lead to brain damage or death. Failing to look at a patients’s crucial medical history, insufficient delivery of information about risks or faulty equipment can lead to a bad anesthesia case. Always ask an attorney!

Medical negligence cases can get really complicated. If you feel you fall into any of the categories regarding the case types above, don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call or fill out our contact form. We can take all the necessary steps to ensure you get the justice you deserve. 

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